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Rumi Gate

An open - air cozy restaurant located at Lobby Level that offers a wide range of mouth watring Chats prepared as per your taste. It also serves Kababs and snacks items with Soft Live Music on every Friday and Saturday Evening. It is the perfect place to relax with friends and family in the weekends.

BEST WESTERN Sagar Sona attractions

Bara Imambara

The Bara Imambara has a unique style of construction. The central hall of Bara Imambara is said to be the largest arched hall in the world. The hall measures 50 meters long and goes up to a height of 15 meters. What makes the construction unique is the fact that the blocks have been put together with interlocking system of bricks and there has been absolutely no use of girders and beams. The roof stands steady till date without any pillars to support it.

The Bara Imambara is known for its incredible maze called "Bhulbhulaiya", which is located in the upper floor of the monument. A stairway leads to this level. One can view a scenic panorama of the city from the top of this monument, which is absolutely breath-taking. The Bhulbhulaiya is a must see and the best way to find your way out without getting lost is by hiring a guide. It is said that great treasures are hidden in the secret tunnels of this maze. The monument remains open from morning 6 am to evening 5 pm


Charbagh railway station Built at a whooping price of Rs. 70 lakhs, it was designed by J.H. Hornimen. The foundation of the Charbagh Railway Station was place by the Bishop, in March 1914.

Lucknow's Charbagh Railway Station, till 1867, was a large orchard. The present Station building was constructed in 1926 with domes and minars of Saracan design, intended to harmonise with the architecture peculiar to the important historical buildings to the city which date to the days of the Nawabs of Oudh. The building constructed in red brick has a frontage of long verandahs adorned with Mughal arches

BEST WESTERN Sagar Sona Charbagh
BEST WESTERN Sagar Sona park

Janeshwar Mishra Park

Janeshwar Mishra Park is an urban park operating in Gomti Nagar in Lucknow, India. The park was inaugurated for general public of the city on 5 August 2014. It is claimed to be Asia's largest garden.

Janeshwar Mishra Park has been conceptualised and designed as a multi-functional environmental and recreational green which will not just provide sustainable habitat for various species of birds but also double up as a major entertainment and recreation centre for all sections of the society. It will enhance and improve the ecological balance and help restore sensitive habitat for numerous species of birds, small animals, fishes, amphibians and even insects.

Ambedkar Park

Ambedkar Park is a public park and memorial in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The entire memorial is built using red sandstone brought from Rajasthan. It is situated in the posh locality of Gomti Nagar, the largest planned residential colony in India. Cost of the memorial is estimated at 7 billion rupee

BEST WESTERN Sagar Sona amb park
BEST WESTERN Sagar Sona water park

Anandi Water Park

Anandi Water Park is Northern India's biggest water park with maximum number of slider and events.


The idea for the present Hazratganj was conceived by the first Nawab of Awadh, Nawab Saadat Ali Kahan in 1810 and was then called Munnawar Baksh. He started creating European style kothis falling between the present DM's residence (Kothi Noor Baksh) to Raj Bhawan (Kothi Hayat Baksh). Various kothis like Kothi Zahoor Baksh, Noor Manzil, Khurshid Manzil, Enakbaaz ki Kothi, Kankar Wali Kothi, Munnawar Kothi, and Lucknow Club and Lawrence Terrace came up gradually.

In 1842, the name of the area was changed to Hazratganj after Nawab Amjad Ali Shah, who was popularly known by his alias 'Hazrat'. After the First War of Independence in 1857, Britishers took over the city and Hazratganj was modelled after London's Queen Street. Many old Mughal style buildings were demolished and new European structures came up.

BEST WESTERN Sagar Sona Hazratgaj
BEST WESTERN Sagar Sona Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar

Husainabad Clock Tower is a clock tower located in the Lucknow city of India. It was constructed in 1881 by Nawab Nasir-ud-din Haider to mark the arrival of Sir George Couper, 1st Lieutenant Governor of United Province of Avadh. It was built at a cost of Rs. 1.75 lakhs.

Husainabad clock tower is adjudged as the tallest among all the clock towers in India. it was built as a replica to the BIGBEN clock tower of london.